Aki Sora In a Dream Episode 1

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The sequel to the hentai “Aki Sora” in which the plot still revolves around a love polygon languishing under a veil of secrets, where the older sister and brother, Aki and Sora, are in love with each other and Sora’s twin sister, Nami, is in love with her friend and classmate, Kana, who in turn is in love with Sora. Knowing this, Nami tries to help her best friend by overcoming her own feelings. Maybe the tangle of their feelings would unravel if they were honest with themselves and those they love, but everything turns into streams of tears and more knots in this confusing tangle of relationships.

Hoods Entertainment

Release date:
July 30, 2010

Alternative titles:
Aki Sora: Yume no Naka