Aku no Onna Kanbu Full Moon Night

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This season is about a lonely guy named Katsuma. He is the caretaker of a certain “Lunarium”. His main task is to follow the rules of the “Lunarium” without asking any questions. Using his powers, he can inflict the worst possible hell of sexual pleasures on the administrators, who in addition are only women. He can only use his power when one of these women makes any mistakes in their work. And since the girls have previously abused the lonely boy, he’s sure that now is his moment of revenge.


Release date:
December 21, 2012

Alternative titles:
Aku no Onna Kanbu: Full Moon Night – Nikutan Ken’you
Evil Woman Executive: Full Moon Night
悪の女幹部 フルムーンナイト
악의 여간부: 보름달이 뜬 밤