Alignment You! You! Episode 1

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The main character of “Alignment You! You!”, Naoko Takahashi was deeply in love with her classmate, Shiyouta Ohara. But she didn’t have the time to admit it. Pushing her love out from the front of the wheels of a huge truck, Naoko dies. Her soul’s blissful ascension to heaven is interrupted by Ohara’s confession that he, too, had loved her all his life. The girl could not leave her lover and settled within the walls of her home school as a ghost. Unable to get through to her lover, she spent her days alone until she met another female member of her kind in the men’s restroom. Sakurako Hanako has been living the life of a ghost for years and knows a great deal about the ways in which she can help Naoka fulfill her desires. From that moment on, Naoki’s ghostly sex life blossoms. Ah, there is also an interesting fact about ghosts. Their sex is very relative, and you can find a solid surprise between the legs of a ghost girl…


Release date:
February 29, 2008

Alternative titles:
Alignment You! You! The Animation