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Ryuichi visits his friend Yui very often. Despite all odds, he doesn’t go to his friend so much as to his aunt, Yuu. In the Amanee hentai, the protagonist and Yuu often have sex, and the boy is greatly aroused by the feeling that his friend could return at any moment. The plot goes back in time and we are shown a moment of Ryuichi, the protagonist, and Yuu and Yui playing together. Yuu, learning that Ryuichi is a virgin, wants to take his virginity for herself. Suddenly Yui leaves the room and says that he’ll be back soon and let them play alone for a while. Yuu hints that she wants sex, but Ryuichi resists because he knows that the girl has a husband. She tells Ryuichi that her husband is a workaholic and pays no attention to her. She likes young boys more. After this sudden confession, they have very rough and passionate sex, after which the girl invites him to visit her house again.


Release date:
December 20, 2013

Alternative titles:
Amanee!: Tomodachinchi de Konna Koto ni Naru Nante!
Milf Assault Mode