Beat Blades Haruka Episode 1

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The story is about Takamaru. He studies at the Ten Treasures Academy and dreams to have an affair with a girl. His love affairs are always interrupted by Shihodo Narika. He happens to be renting an apartment from her father. One day the boy’s wish was heard, and a real beauty, Takamori Haruka, was transferred to the academy, with whom Takamaru immediately fell in love.

That same night, he and Narika are pursued by a group of mysterious ninjas. When they think there is no hope for rescue, Haruka, dressed as a ninja as well, suddenly shows up. Calling Takamaru a “young master”, Haruka asks to have sex with her. It turns out that she needs sex to recharge her superpowers, without it she won’t be able to defeat these ninjas.

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Release date:
August 25, 2009

Alternative titles:
Choukou Sennin Haruka
Righteous Ninja Haruka