Bible Black 3

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Taki Minase finds a magic book in the abandoned basement of his school. He translates occult texts and uses ancient magical spells to influence the sexual desires of his classmates, making the beautiful girl Rika Shiraki fall in love with him.

The school nurse Reika Kitami learns of his magical powers and tries to bend Minase to her side by possessing him with the help of a demon. Twelve years ago on Walpurgis Night, Kitami herself was used as a human sacrifice by a club of occult magic. The ritual failed, however, and Kitami was forced to make a deal with the Devil to save her life. Now the contract and her time are running out. She searches the school for a suitable virgin to use as a vessel for her soul.

Kaori Saeki, Minase’s classmate, has formed her own magic club and is also aware of Minase’s powers. She invites him to one of her club meetings. But Minase, now under the influence of Kitami, brings her along. The nurse uses her powerful magic to take over the club.

Now in full control of the situation, Kitami focuses her attention on the art teacher Hiroko Takashiro, whom she suspects of being a member of the magic club that tried to sacrifice her twelve years ago. She kidnaps and tortures her. She then convinces Minase to help her kidnap his childhood friend Kurumi Imari. They succeed, but Minase comes to his senses, causing Kitami to kick him out of the club.

Realizing that he must save Imari, Minase uses Takashiro’s help and the magic book to prevent Kitami from transferring his soul into Imari’s body the next Walpurgis Night.

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Release date:
December 21, 2001

Alternative titles:
Bible Black: Night of the Walpulgiss
바이블 블랙