Cambrian Episode 1

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In the Cambrian hentai, a professor, expelled from the scientific community for forbidden experiments, wants to repeat the Cambrian period, the period of active mutations and development of living organisms, in modern conditions. From the finished theory, he proceeds to practice, for which he rapes and thereby infects a laboratory doctor with his mutated genes. The lab doctor has a lab technician in love with her, and she also has a boyfriend. The lab technician helps her get away from the professor. During sex, her boyfriend also becomes infected. And, jealous of the lab technician, he decides to kill them both, but first torture them. The guy is helped by the slutty doctor’s rival. The guy catches, tortures, and rapes the doctor, but she mutates, frees herself, and kills the guy. The doctor asks the lab technician if he’s ready to take her the way she is now, and he agrees.

MS Pictures

Release date:
November 25, 2005

Alternative titles: