Cosplay Change Episode 2

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The hentai is about a young student, Aimee, who has recently become hooked on the anime series about girl witches. One day she wandered into a sex shop and stumbled upon a costume of one of the heroines of her favorite anime, which for some reason was lying on the floor. Of course, Aimee wanted to buy the costume immediately. But for some reason, she put it on right away, which surprised and impressed the salesman, who had been looking for a model with perfect breasts for a long time. The salesman offered our heroine a “simple and elegant” way out of this situation.

Mousou Senka

Release date:
January 27, 2022

Alternative titles:
Cosplay Change: Pure-kei Joshidaisei no Kiken na Seiheki
コスプレチェンジ ~ピュア系女子大生の危険な性癖~