Discipline Zero Episode 1

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The story is set at the prestigious St. Arcadia Academy, where the main character, Takurou Hayami, has come to study. It used to be a girls-only school, but now there are boys as well, although the ratio of girls is still much higher. The main character settles on the campus, and his roommates are adorable girls. Thus begins his new life.

Unfortunately, his new life has a new rival, Reona Morimoto. The daughter of rich and influential parents, the younger sister of the academy headmaster, the head of the student council, and just a spoiled child. Every day Reona humiliates the boys and girls at the academy with sadistic pleasure, for some of them studying turns into hell, and for some, on the other hand, this situation brings pleasure.


Release date:
January 29, 2010

Alternative titles:
Discipline Rei