Ero Ishi: Seijun Bishoujo o Kotoba Takumi ni Hametai Houdai Episode 3


He is an obstetrician-gynecologist who deals with mostly old ladies every day. As a middle-aged man, he has been building up stress from them being understaffed and frequent over time. From time to time, a beautiful girl comes to the hospital, but she is just a slut. She is nothing but a way for him to vent out stress by diving into her unnecessary palpitations. And then one day, the beautiful girl came by…

A cheeky and beautiful high school slut, Segawa Rena, is a cheeky and pretty girl who looks after her friend Ayano. Since she mingles with a guy from time to time and risks getting pregnant, she makes an appointment for a douching at the hospital.

Her knowledge about sex is lacking. In contrast to how she looks, she is a pure and innocent girl deep inside. One day, Ayano was worried about something, so Rena accompanied her to the hospital for an appointment…

Behind being an innocent and pretty high school girl, she is a closet pervert that engages in self-pleasure on a daily basis. Being beautiful, well-mannered, reserved, and pure as the driven snow, her knowledge about sex is as lacking as Rena’s. However, she is a girl of brimming curiosity. She has a keen interest in how Rena ends up dazed after her douching.

Rena is angry about the fact that the perverted and domineering Hiroyoshi popped her cherry. She goes on a tirade even as he continues to ram her, but to no avail, considering the dirt he has on her. Driven to a corner by mental anguish about pregnancy, the prevention, and Ayano, Rena sets his eyes on that thing and says, “That’s right… I can just cut that thing off…”. Rena’s warning was in vain as he goaded Ayano into showing up for a medical exam. Hiroyoshi presses her further to secure her thinking how she’s an easier prey, unline Rena. But she screams, “I won’t run away from this! I’ll make sure to tell Rena-chan about it!”.

She wants her close friend to know about even the most embarrassing parts of her body. However, what awaited that audacity and pristine body of hers was a sham medical examination.

She fully trusted Hiroyoshi. As his despicable cock on the verge of bursting made its way inside her, she desperately calls for Rena. Ayano cried, screamed, and protested, but he kept on forcing his stiff penis into her womb…



Release date:

June 23, 2022

Alternative titles:

Lecherous Doctor: Trick an Innocent and Beautiful Girl with Deceitful Words and Do Her as Much as You Want
JK to Ero Ishi: Seijun Bishoujo JK o Kotoba Takumi ni Hametai Houdai
JKとエロ医師 ~清純美少女JKを言葉巧みにハメたい放題~