Hime Dorei Episode 1

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The northern kingdom of Rouwensu. Increasing forces are wreaking havoc in the area, provoking new and growing conflicts that fill the entire space of the northern kingdom. Ruwensu’s power and strength grow. Its military might frightens neighboring states and no one can ignore the northern kingdom any longer. The king of this country had two daughters, beautiful and pure princesses. He puts one on the throne, the other he puts as her assistant.

Time passes, and the people and everyone loves the princess who has been put on the throne, but no one notices the other. The outcast begins to hate, envy, and despise her sister more and more. And then one day a strange man comes to the city – the capital. His name is Waldo, he is a very serious mage who has been practicing magic all his life. His tribe was defeated and killed by Ruwensu’s troops, and now he has come covertly to the capital to begin his revenge. He meets his outcast sister, seduces her, bewitches her, and then together they are already determined to make the Princess’ life a living hell. The dark forces thicken more and more around Ruvensu, so what happens next?

MS Pictures

Release date:
June 25, 2008

Alternative titles:
Princess Tita
Slaved Princess
Hime Dorei: Mesu e to Ochiyuku Futago no Oujo