Ikusa Otome Suvia 1

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Hell, the king of the underworld, deceived the supreme god, Odin, by capturing him in the lands of the dead with the aid of Loki. The Valkyries sent to help him failed and became sex slaves in the hands of the demons. In order to bargain for his freedom, Odin pre-sealed the source of the origin powers under the Tree of the World, thereby putting the whole world in danger of extinction. But before that happened, Loki captured the Valkyrie leader Freia, who came to save Odin. To stop the fall of the Tree of the World, Loki needs to find 2 pieces of the key, which are protected by the 2 invincible Valkyries Sigurd and Suvia.

Pixy Soft

Release date:
December 22, 2007

Alternative titles:
전투처녀 스뷔아