Imaizumin-chi wa Douyara Gal no Tamariba ni Natteru Rashii Episode 1


The protagonist of this hentai is Imaizumi who lives all alone since his parents decided that he should live on his own. His life was calm and easygoing. However, at a certain point, the protagonist’s apartment became a very lively place for hangouts of gyaru girls from his class, Yukina with huge boobs and a genuine interest in Imaizumi, Ruri, a funny girl with ponytails, and Reina, a blonde girl who can’t get her hands off our protagonist in any way. It is Reina who reveals the main character’s secret that he masturbates to porn magazines with gyaru girls. This is where Imaizumi’s sex adventures begin.


Release date:
August 5, 2021

Alternative titles:
Imaizumi’s Place Became a Gal Hang-Out Spot for Some Reason