Imma Youjo The Erotic Temptress Episode 1

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In the distant future, everyone avoids the tall tower in the center of the city. Instinctively, the citizens understand that it contains evil, but no one dares to unravel its mystery. There are only a few women in town, and the men look like madmen. All of the visiting girls who have attracted the attention of the owner (keeper) of the tower disappear without a trace.

But he’s never seen the likes of the Maya. In the past, the world was shaken by cataclysms, wreaking death and destruction. Men and women alike, on the sight of her, forget their status and are willing to humiliate themselves for a few brief moments alone with her. She exists only to destroy, and legends foretell her appearance. The innocent devil, the shy temptress, your sweetest nightmare – that’s what Maya is.

Pink Pineapple

Release date:
December 22, 1994

Alternative titles:
Imma Yojo