Inkou Kyoushi no Saimin Seikatsu Shidouroku Episode 1

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The story is about a teacher who has a notebook capable of making people do perverted things. The way it works is simple, the owner must write orders into the notebook, and the person to whom the orders are addressed must read them directly from the notebook in order for them to work. The protagonist engages in several sexual relationships with female students on campus. And the first people he catches as his victims are Megumi Fujinomiya, the school idol of all men, who recently started dating the leader of the baseball club, and Yayoi Tachibana, the heiress of the Kyoto tea ceremony master, a pretty girl who wears a kimono and has elegant manners.


Release date:
March 31, 2022

Alternative titles:
Inkou Kyoushi no Sai* Seikatsu Shidouroku