JK Genkai Koubi: Goui Sounyuu de Bachibachi Niku Anaka 1

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The story is about a group of friends who’re a part of a school club that is about to close. A girl, who does not want to leave the place because here she can do whatever she wants, asks the protagonist of the story for help. Unable to refuse her, he decides to help the girl. The only thing that comes to the girl’s mind to solve this problem is to start a new club. But not just any club, it’s a club that will be dealing with the students’ sexual problems and help them lead a full sexual life.

King Bee

Release date:
June 23, 2022

Alternative titles:
J〇限界交尾 ~合意挿入でバチバチ肉穴化~ 第1話 性活部へようこそ