Kazoku Haha to Shimai no Kyousei 2

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The protagonist of this hentai series, Itsuki Watase, unexpectedly gets a new mother and two sexy sisters Nagisa and Fuka. All because his father decided to remarry in his old age. At first, Itsuki and his new family built a friendly and close relationship, but in time our protagonist begins to understand the beauty of being so close with three sexy girls in the same house. Our hero’s lust makes him restless and drives him crazy. One night he finds his stepmother Watase Otohu napping on the couch. Itsuki decided to molest her and enjoy her seductive mature body. Soon the protagonist decides to completely bend the two sisters will as well and create his own personal little harem.


Release date:
July 29, 2021

Alternative titles:
Household Subjugation ~Mother and Sisters’ Coquettish Voice~
家属 ~母と姉妹の嬌声~
가족 ~ 어머니와 자매 교성 ~