Mesu Nochi Torare Episode 1

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An athlete, student council president, and simply a beauty, Reiko decides to give her lover, Shintaro, the gift of her innocence. And it was impossible to think of a better place than the school during the preparations for the festival. For, as its main organizers, the young couple had the right to inspect all classrooms in the school. Even the most hidden and inaccessible ones. Thirsty for the upcoming event, Reiko and Shintaro walk into the classroom, the windows of which are curtained with a thick cloth. And darkness, as they say, is the best friend of young people. Feeling the strong man’s hands on her lush chest, Reiko “swam with the flow”, but…

A while later she realized with horror that these hands didn’t belong to her lover, and her body lost the ability to resist her rapist because of the strange drink brought to her by one of the students, 10 minutes earlier…

Mary Jane

Release date:
April 5, 2013

Alternative titles:
After Taken Girl – The violated student council president