Nee Chanto Shiyou Yo 3

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The boy’s name is Kuya Hiiragi, he’s the youngest in the family. He lives with six sisters, the oldest’s name is Hinano, which looks pretty young for her age. People often mistake her for a child, which makes her angry. Kaname is the second sister, she’s a lawyer. People call her “Icy lawyer”. She’s actually the first love of the boy. The third sister is Serori. She’s half-Japanese, there’s European blood as well. She has a sultry body, but at the same time, has a fussy and childish personality. The fourth sister is Tomoe, which seems harsh at the first glance, but in fact, is gentle and very shy. The fifth is… Well, it’s Takane. She’s a real mistress and treats him like a slave. The youngest sister is Umi, she’s caring and helps the boy as much as she can.

The boy isn’t related to them with blood, he got into the family as an orphan. His new father had concerns about a boy living with six girls, so he was growing up separately from them. But today he finally goes home and starts living with them, together. As a family…


Release date:
January 26, 2007

Alternative titles:
Ane, Chanto Shiyou yo!
Ane, Chanto Shiyouyo!
姉[ねえ], ちゃんとしようよっ!
누나 확실하게 하자