Nee Summer Episode 1

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Instead of having fun at the beach, Yuta Yamayuchi, a high school student, spends his summer studying. After all, the exams are coming up! But Kei Higashida, his cousin, does literally anything she wants with her brother. And what does a girl her age care about? The contents of a boy’s pants, of course. Kei unashamedly explores the details of Yuta’s anatomy, but, due to her provocative fun, she says goodbye to her virginity in his arms. Yuta himself, blessed with the opportunity to fulfill all his fantasies, in reality, does not intend to miss a single chance to practice some sex. After all, he has a girlfriend whom he would not want to disappoint with his ignorance in the intimate area of relationships…

Mary Jane

Release date:
December 30, 2011

Alternative titles:
Nee Summer!