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Tatsuhiko Kido has moved to Tokyo looking forward to starting a new, independent life as a student at the Technical School. Kido has a talent for drawing, but he isn’t aspiring to become an artist. He simply yearns to taste adulthood as far away from his parents as possible. In his small, rented apartment, Kido finds a mysterious hole in the wall where he could see the room of a cute girl, who is his neighbor.
In an effort to warn the girl about a construction flaw that could put an end to both of their intimate lives, Kido goes to her for a serious conversation about repairing the wall. But a serious conversation didn’t work out. Turns out that Ikuno Emiru, the girl who is Kido’s neighbor, was well aware of the hole. She openly offered the protagonist mutual peeping at each other. Dazed by such an onslaught of the young girl, who also skillfully blackmailed him with lewd pictures she already managed to take, Kido was forced to go along with her. From that day on, Tatsuhiko Kido begins to master all the fine details and delights of voyeurism…


Release date:
February 28, 2013

Alternative titles:
Heimliche Blicke
엿보기 구멍