Oshaburi Announcer

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Kutaro works at a TV station. He is the director’s assistant and works hard every day. However, his life changes drastically when he agrees to take part in the new TV program. The host of the program is a famous journalist Aya, and she is constantly bullying him. One day, to get revenge, he secretly adds his sperm to Aya’s coffee. She drinks it, unaware of it, and after work, she suddenly asks him, “Did you put anything in my coffee? The taste was kind of different.” He’s embarrassed but still admits what he did. But she says, “I felt great today. I didn’t think coffee would help so much…” Thus begins his life in a harem with a beautiful TV hostess.


Release date:
May 23, 2014

Alternative titles:
Oshaburi Announcer: Mahou no Semen
Sucker Announcer: The Magic Semen
おしゃぶりアナウンサー 魔法のザーメン
오샤부리 아나운서