Papa Katsu 2

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Mami Irokawa, an erotic and cute mother, attractive and rather young-looking for her age, after a failed first marriage, got married again. The guy’s name is Ryo Hirano, and now they live together. As well as Mami’s daughter Tsumugi from the first marriage, who with all her appearance tells him that she will not see him as her father no matter how hard he tries and is not going to listen to his comments, letting them pass by her ears or being demonstratively rude in response.

Ryo has to deal with Tsumugi at home often, as he is an IT specialist by profession, so you can say that his home is in fact his workplace. But also sometimes he works at his favorite cafe where he meets Saki, Tsumugi’s best friend, and starts a relationship that quickly turns into a sexual encounter. One day Tsumugi accidentally finds Ryo’s phone left unattended and looking through it out of curiosity, she stumbles upon a video of Hirano cheating on her mother with her friend. Ryo decides that if he can’t be a good father, he won’t accept her as his daughter and will punish her as he knows best, for all her arrogance.


Release date:
April 27, 2022

Alternative titles:
Daddy Yelling! The Cum-Rinsed Disgraceful Clam’s Defloration