Please Rape Me! Episode 1

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Hosaka Ippei, the protagonist of this hentai, has a secret desire to rape someone. At the same time, he can never gather the courage to make his dream come true. One day, our hero finds a girl lying unconscious on the ground. After an unfortunate set of circumstances and blackmail, he has to let her live with him.

While watching TV, the rescued girl says that the girl on the screen wants to be raped. Looking at the screen, Hosaki sees that she’s talking about popular TV star Kouno Sakura. Later, the girl explains that she has a talent for determining whether the girl wants to be raped. After this incident, Hosaki meets Yuuma, her former classmate, at work. She is very pretty and popular, just as she was back then. And it turns out that she, too, wants to be raped.

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Release date:
April 27, 2012

Alternative titles:
Please R*pe Me!