The Last Kunoichi Episode 1

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The story tells of a dramatic time of the Japanese revolution and the collapse of the shogunate government. According to the hentai’s plot, Japan is in chaos. The country is overflowing with young revolutionaries, against whom the regime is fighting ruthlessly, sparing no effort or means. One of these “means” is a group of female ninjas dedicated to eliminating the revolutionary leaders who pose the greatest threat. It’s much easier for a pretty woman to get close to a man, using her body as bait, then finish him off with a single hit. Except that some of the ninjas got too close to their targets and began to have feelings for their victims that are new to them, which has nothing to do with politics or power, it’s the feeling of love.

MS Pictures

Release date:
December 25, 2003

Alternative titles:
Kunoichi Bakumatsu Kitan