Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu 1

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For the first time in six months, Mikio returns to his hometown. The first thing he sees is a traditional Japanese inn at the hot springs. And the manager there is his childhood friend and former lover Yukino Chitose. Despite the fact that half a year has passed, Chitose still looked like a girl. Nevertheless, the traditional clothes she wears give her a bit of maturity and add to her beauty. That same night, after finishing his business, he goes in search of Chitose. Hearing her voice, he follows it and comes to an open spring. And peering through a crack in the bamboo fence, he is stunned to see her with another man…

Mary Jane

Release date:
March 12, 2010

Alternative titles:
Secret Hot Spring Tour Hidden Bath
온천 순환 숨은 탕
秘湯めぐり 隠れ湯
비밀 온천 투어: 카쿠레 유