Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu Mao Hen 1

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Chitose moved to her family’s house as a young girl in order to become the manager of a vacation resort (hot springs). There she meets her cousin Ken-san, who is in love with her, but she does not pay any attention to him. One of the guests takes Chitose’s body by force, but then she falls in love with the aggressor. Ken goes mad with jealousy, but cannot do anything. One day, Chitose gets kidnapped, her lover gets beaten, and the kidnappers want to make the girl into a prostitute.

Mary Jane

Release date:
February 2, 2013

Alternative titles:
Secret Hot Spring Tour Hidden Bath: Mao Chapter
히토메구리 마오편
秘湯めぐり 隠れ湯 舞桜編
비밀 온천 투어 숨겨진 욕조: 마오편