Nuki Doki Tenshi to Akuma Battle Episode 1

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Life is not easy for the average Japanese high school student. Yamato spent his days in boredom until one day angels and demons appeared in front of him. Their long fight was getting on everyone’s nerves, so the humans were chosen to be the third party in the peace negotiations. And Yamato, of course, the human representative.

The contract is signed, the pretty angel Sara Mitra Ayrun is from the side of angels, and the sexy demon Firika Mia Satana is on the side of demons. Strange, but quite pleasant, the hero thought. Soon Firika, in order to get the hero on her side, had sex with him. The angelic Sara, who flew in after him, was trapped and lost her virginity. By doing so, Yamato involved the human world in a depraved confrontation between demons and angels!

How will the fate of the hero surrounded by four beautiful girls turn out?


Release date:
May 31, 2013

Alternative titles:
Nuki Doki! ~Semen Squirt Battle Between an Angel and a Demon~