Nuki Doki Tenshi to Akuma Battle Episode 2

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There were angels and demons, and they were kind of on the verge of war with each other because they could not come to a compromise. One day they thought of bringing in a third party into their dispute, which was to reason them out. As a result, it was decided that the third party would be the race of humans, and the choice fell on a simple, boring guy named Yamato-kun, who must now resolve the conflict between the angels and the demons. He has to decide which one of them is cooler in order to end the war in favor of one of the races. Demoness was especially pitiful, because she was self-confident, but she had spokes in the wheels everywhere, and, as it is quite usual for hentai, not only spokes, and not only in the wheels…


Release date:
September 27, 2013

Alternative titles:
Nuki Doki! ~Semen Squirt Battle Between an Angel and a Demon~