Shikiyoku Infinite 1

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The women of the Yarima family are full of lust. Mitsuko’s mother and the second daughter Sayoko constantly bring different men to the house while the head of the family is on constant business trips. Anyone who comes to visit them can have as much fun with the girls of this family as they can. Mitsumi Kurumi, trying to resist such depravity in the family, but can’t resist the genes. She’s constantly horny, which negatively affects her studies. Because of this, it was decided to hire her a private tutor to raise her grades and improve her overall score. During her first biology class, while the tutor was explaining one of the options for breeding plants and animals, Mitsumi realizes that she can no longer resist her urge for sex, and asks the tutor to move from theory to practice, visually showing how “crossbreeding” for people is done, as it is much more interesting.

Queen Bee

Release date:
August 27, 2020

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