TSF Monogatari 1

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Based on a manga created by ShindoL.

Terminally ill people are willing to do anything to delay the inevitable. And Musashino Takumi was no exception, agreeing to an experimental treatment with an unusual side effect, a sex change. As a result, he turns from a guy into a girl. In her girlish form, Takumi returns to school, being completely open to her classmates about her male past. Former sidekicks were very happy that now they have a girl, who, to some extent, completely conveys all their desires. In addition, without hesitation, Takumi let her classmates do with his new body anything they want, everything that he would be happy to do himself in his male past.

Pink Pineapple

Release date:
November 25, 2011

Alternative titles:
TSF 이야기
Takumi ga Seitenkan shite Fuck sare makuru Monogatari